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Summary per indication (illness)

For each illness, find the home remedy that you will need:

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Abscessclay poultice

Angina : Chadian hot toddy

Anemia (complementary measure!) : nettle soup

Anorexiawormwood teayellow gentian teafenugreek teacentaury tea

Arthritishorsetail powdercabbage leaftincture of arnica


Bad breathbicarbonate of soda, peppermint tea

Benign hyperplasia of the prostatehawthorn tea

Bloating: peppermint tea

Breastfeedingbreastfeeding teafennel tea

Bronchitispotato poulticemustard poulticemullein tearemedy for bronchitis

Bruisesmarigold compress

Burns to the skinaloe vera


Cardiac problemshawthorn tea

Chillsmilk-based hot toddylime-based hot toddylime teasage teaelderflower teaherb tea for chills

Coldphysiological waterinhalation of thymeinhalation of rosemary

Colitis: peppermint tea

Constipationmagnesium chloridelaxative teabuckthorn teabuckthorn decoctionpsyllium seeds

Cornscorn remedy

Coughpotato poulticemustard poulticemullein syrupremedy for bronchitisgarlic syruppine tree bud syrupplantain syrupelderberry syrupthyme teathyme syrup

Cuts: tincture of arnica

Cystitiscider vinegaranti-cystitis herbal teahorsetail tea


DepressionSt. John’s wort tea

Diarrheabramble teabilberry tea

Digestive problemsyarrow teafennel teachamomile decoctionpeppermint teawormwood teamilk thistle tea


Exposure to the suncarrot juice (+video)


Fatigueherbal tea for fatigue

Feverlime tealime decoction

Flatulencecumin tealovage teastar anise decoction, peppermint tea

Fluelderberry syrup


Gastroenteritisrice waterbilberry tea


Hair (blond): chamomile decoctioninfusion of onion skins

Hair (loss): wheat germnettle-based lotion

Heart (cardiac problems): hawthorn tea

Heartburn : bicarbonate of sodacalamus tea

Hemorrhoidswitch hazel tea


Indigestion: peppermint tea

Insect biteshalf an onion

Insomnialime teachamomile teavalerian tea

Irritable bowel syndrome: peppermint tea

Itching, insect bitesapple cider vinegarhalf an onion


Liceoil for lice


Menstrual crampsyarrow tea

Migrainefeverfew tea


Nutrition helpdandelion honey


Otitis externavinegar ear drops


Painful periodslady’s mantle tea

Prostate (benign hyperplasia): hawthorn tea

Psoriasissea salt bathturmeric poultice


Rheumatismturmeric poulticecabbage leafsea salt bathhorsetail powderblackcurrant tea


Shinglesnatural remedy for shingles

Sinusitisinhalation of thymeonion poulticephysiological water

Skininhalation of rosemary

Sore throatclay poulticesage tea

Stomach acidbicarbonate of sodacentaury tea

Stretchmarkssweet almond oil

Stresslavender bathmagnesium chloridesea salt bath

Suntan (preparation for): carrot juice (+video)

Surface wounds (not bleeding): marigold ointment


Teeth whiteningbicarbonate of soda



Urinary tract infectioncider vinegaranti-cystitis herbal teahorsetail tea


Vitamin C (lack of): acerola juice


Whitlowcompress for whitlow

Woundsmarigold ointment

Scientific and medical interest in home remedies

A. Traditional plant-based drugs

We know that a large proportion of traditional drugs (those which your doctor prescribes for you every day, also called allopathic medicine) come from plants or derivatives.

The most famous example is certainly Aspirin. Indeed, acetylsalicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin) was synthesized based on the knowledge of two plants: meadowsweet and willow.

There is also digoxin, an active ingredient indicated for certain cardiac problems, which comes from digitalis (the foxglove plant).

Many other drugs have made it possible to improve our health in recent decades, as is the case of some very effective malaria and cancer drugs.

B. Many home remedies have been scientifically proven

Most home remedies that you will find on this site are scientifically based and come from medicinal plants or mineral substances such as clay or bicarbonate of soda.

Of course, it is possible that certain remedies also enjoy a placebo effect or that the effect has never been verifiably proven (e.g. certain remedies for warts).

However, most of the home remedies suggested have a scientific basis.

See also all home remedies from A to Z

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