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Wheat germ


– For hair loss

Wheat germ hair loss


– Wheat (preferably organic wheat), wheat grains

– Seed tray

Wheat germ preparation


– Put 2 tablespoons of wheat on the seed tray, distributing seeds evenly

Ingredients wheat germs

– Put water on the seed tray and wait for the water to run out, the goal being to moisten the seed tray and the wheat.

– Place the seed tray with the wheat under a light

– Two to three days after beginning the procedure, from the appearance of small white dots on the wheat, the wheat can be consumed. You can also wait until the wheat germ are bigger (less effective)

Wheat germ

– To halt growth, place the wheat germ in a box in the fridge.

– After a few days, when the wheat germ get too large, they are no longer edible


– Chew the wheat germ, swallow it. It can also be chewed until it reaches the consistency of chewing gum, then swallowed. Eat one to two teaspoons per day.

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