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Inhalation of Thyme


– For a cold and sinusitis

Inhalation of thyme


– Dried thyme leaves, packet of thyme tea or essential oil of thyme (1 drop is enough)

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– Inhaler


Inhalation of thyme

– Make thyme tea in the reservoir of an inhaler; the tea must be boiling hot in order to guarantee good evaporation and thus a good penetration of the nasal respiratory tracts by the vapor.
You can also use a drop of essential thyme oil (instead of the thyme tea), which you also pour in warm to boiling water.

– Once you have made the mixture, replace the upper part of the inhaler and begin inhalation


– For beautiful skin. Cover your face with a cloth and lean over the mixture obtained in point 3.) under Preparation.

– For a cold: Make an inhalation as above.

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