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Carrot juice


– Prepares the skin for sun exposure (to have a nice tan)

Carrot juice


– Carrots (as organic as possible)

– (Lemon or orange, to improve the taste)

– Sugar

– A juice maker (suitable for carrots)

Carrot juice


1. Use about 10 carrots

2. Peel the carrots

3. Pass them through the juice extractor

4. You will get a very fresh carrot juice. Drink quickly to get the most from the active ingredient (in this case: beta-carotene) and for maximum efficacy!

Carrot juice


Carrot juice

– Drink fresh carrot juice every day for 3 weeks before sun exposure (for example, beach vacation), you will have a nicer tan at the end of your vacation!

Video of carotte juice

Shelf life
Drink immediately (for an effective concentration of the active ingredient)

We also reveal the favorable effects of carrot juice on the intestines and the liver.

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