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Wormwood tea


– Digestive disorders: gastric acidity, anorexia (including lack of appetite), dyspepsia, bloating or flatulence, liver failure.

Wormwood tea


For one cup of wormwood tea, use :
– 1 g of the dried wormwood leaves, or about 1 quarter teaspoon. If you’re using fresh leaves, just one leaf is enough (otherwise the tea can be extremely bitter). See also Notes below to limit bitterness.

– Approx. 200 ml water


– Bring the water to the boil, then add the wormwood leaves.

– Leave to infuse for around ten minutes (to obtain an effective dose of active substances)

– Filter if necessary


– Drink one cup (200 ml) of wormwood tea 30 minutes before meals in case of digestive disorders. Drink a maximum of 3 cups per day (the maximum quantity of dry wormwood per day is 3 g).

– In case of bloating or flatulence, take the tea after meals.

Shelf life:
24 h

Pregnancy. Breast-feeding.

Duration of treatment and health risks:
In his book “Les secrets du druide”, published in 2016 by Swiss publisher Bois Carré, author and druggist Claude Roggen notes that wormwood tea cures should be avoided beyond 2-3 weeks.
He also points out that abuse or overdose can lead to dizziness and confusion.

– Wormwood tea is a bitter tonic that can act effectively against various digestive disorders.
– It’s important to respect the quantity of wormwood used in this herbal tea, as too much can be too bitter and simply undrinkable. The ideal is to use no more than 1 g of dried leaves (about 1 quarter teaspoon) or 1 fresh wormwood leaf. To counteract bitterness, you can of course sweeten the herbal tea – see also a tip below.

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