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Acerola juice


– Rich in vitamin C, indicated to reinforce the immune system, for example, against influenza, chills, etc.

Zumo de acerola


Acerola fruit

– Water

– Sugar

– Juice maker

Zumo de acerola


– Put the acerola fruit, a little water and the sugar in the juice maker

– Mix for a few minutes

– Filter the mixture

– Serve!

Zumo de acerola


–  Drink this juice once a day in the morning.

Note: If required, mix the acerola juice with banana, orange juice… The aim is to limit the “special” taste of the acerola, a slightly acidy, bitter taste,…but so rich in vitamin C that it is worthwhile.

Zumo de acerola

Last update: January 06, 2023

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