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Magnesium chloride


Problems and illnesses linked to a magnesium deficiency, such as stress or fatigue

Magnesium chloride


– 4 teaspoons (20 grams) packet of magnesium chloride (for sale at the pharmacy) = MgCl2

Magnesium chloride ingredients


– Dissolve magnesium chloride in water.


– For adults and children over 5 years of age, drink 1 dose every 6 hours for 48 hours, then every 8 hours until recovery is complete.

– Note: 1 dose = 4.23 fl. oz. (125 mL a small glass), there are 8 doses to 33.8 fl. oz. (1 liter).

It should be noted that 67.63 to 169.07 fl. oz. (2 to 5 liters) of magnesium chloride are necessary to obtain good results

(either between 16 and 40 doses).

[dosage source: Pharmacie-Maison, “Ce que vous devez avoir toujours chez vous” (Things you should never be without at home), 1991, Editions Reuille, Versoix, Suisse]

Magnesium chloride dosage

Useful comments

Magnesium chloride has a particular taste, (very) bitter, which can be a serious impediment to the consumption of this remedy.
Here is a good trick provided by Claudia, a visitor to the site:

– rather than dissolve magnesium chloride in water and drink it (not very good!), you can use it instead of salt in vegetable stocks, on salads, etc. Instead of adding the required amount of salt to food, use half salt and half magnesium chloride. The bitter taste is not nearly so noticeable. The only problem: be sure to keep the package sealed, otherwise the product attracts moisture and you get “salt syrup”!


– Considering you don’t drink this mixture directly in its entirety but in doses, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator to improve the taste (less bitterness).

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