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Garlic syrup


– For coughs

Cowslip tea


– 16 teaspoons (80 grams) of garlic (approx. 2 bulbs)

– 5 fl. oz. (150 mL) of water

– 0.45 lb. (200 grams) of sugar

– garlic press

Garlic syrup


– Crush the garlic or press it out with a garlic press

– Cook water and sugar until the sugar melts.

– Put the crushed garlic in the sugar-water mixture. Heat until it becomes a syrup mixture (when large bubbles appear it’s ready), approximately 10 minutes’ cooking time.

– Let cool.

– Filter


– Take 2 to 3 tablespoons (or more) a day of this mixture

Preparation time
Around 15 minutes

Shelf life
6 to 12 months, stored in a dry place

Video of preparation

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