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Mustard poultice


– For rheumatism, bronchitis and cough

Mustard poultice


– Buy mustard grains, and grind them into mustard flour
You can also buy mustard flour.

Mustard poultice

– Add the mustard flour to a little cold to tepid water (but not hot water) to get a paste.

– Wrap the mixture in a napkin to make a poultice.


– For rheumatism, apply the poultice to the painful areas for approximately 15 minutes; remove as soon as there is a strong burning sensation.

– For bronchitis or cough, apply the poultice to the chest for approximately 15 minutes.

Caution: this mixture is contraindicated in children under 15 years of age (because this poultice can prove too irritating to young patients).

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