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Herb tea for chills


– For chills (prevention and treatment) and bronchitis


Herb tea for chills


– thyme

– bay leaves

– cinnamon

– rosemary

– branch from a lemon tree

– capucine

– poppy

– lavender

– oregano

– black radish

– liquorice

– lime

– lemon juice

– pure bee honey

– garlic

– virgin olive oil


– Boil 10 minutes with all or some of the ingredients, according to their availability, to make a herbal tea. Add lemon juice, garlic and olive oil at the end, do not boil.


– At the first sign of a chill, drink several cups throughout the day and at bedtime take a tablespoon of heated olive oil with a clove of garlic and nothing else afterwards for increased effectiveness.

Herb tea for chills

– Drink a cup of this tea every morning when the days get colder if you are susceptible to chills.

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