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Nettle soup


– Rich in iron (may have an effect on anemia, but be careful to have iron levels checked by a doctor and if necessary take iron-based medications)

Nettle soup


For nettle soup, for about 3 people, you need:

– 0.66 lb. (300 grams) of (fresh) nettles

Nettle soup

– 0.55 lb. (250 grams) of potatoes

– 50.7 fl. oz. (1.5 liter) of water

– A pinch of salt

– pepper

– stock

– butter


1. Remove the stems from the nettle leaves (use gloves)

Nettle soup ingredients

2. Wash the nettle leaves carefully (note: nettles are known to sting; to avoid this problem, leave the nettle leaves in warm water for a moment)

3. Finely chop the nettle leaves

4. Slice the potatoes into roundels

5. Put the nettle leaves and the potatoes in a saucepan with water and cook on low heat for 20 mins. Add a little stock and salt.

Nettle soup preparation

6. If necessary, put the mixture in the blender or serve directly.

7. Add a little butter, cream and/or pepper.

Nettle soup dosage

– Eat once a day.

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