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Clay poultice


For abscesses or engorgement of the breast, Raynaud’s, infected wounds and sores, rheumatism, sprains, bruises, osteoarthritis, sore throat.

Clay poultice


– Crushed clay (in a nutrition store or pharmacy, less expensive than fine clay).


– Fill a bowl with crushed clay

– Cover it with cold water

– Don’t overmix!

– The clay will become “spongy” …

– If too liquid, add a little clay; if too hard, add some water (with experience, you’ll get to know the amounts!)

Clay poultice


– Cover the infected part with a large clay poultice (directly on the skin). Cover it with a clean, ironed cloth (to remove the microbes!), then a bandage to keep it in place (or with a bra in case of a breast abscess). Leave it in place for a maximum of 2 hours or even less if the clay becomes dry before that.

Repeat as often as possible; continue even some day days after healing. Do not use the same clay several times: throw it out after use! Do not use it on stitches!

Note from Claire from Belgium about this recipe:
“To be used even in the case of a real breast abscess, with flow of pus and high fever. When breastfeeding my second child, I applied poultices at the onset of an engorgement and thereby avoided it turning into an abscess… The gynecologist was surprised at the result! “.

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