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Willow herb tea


– For benign hyperplasia of the prostate

Willow herb tea


– For one cup of willow herb tea, use:

– 2/5 teaspoon (2 grams) of *dried willow herb tops

– Around 6.76 fl. oz. (200 mL) of water

* You can buy dried willow herb tops at the pharmacy or you can collect the willow herb flowers yourself from their natural habitat and dry them.

Willow herb tea


– Heat water to boiling then pour it over the dried willow herb tops.

– Infuse for about ten minutes (in order to obtain an effective dose of the active ingredients)

– Filter


– Drink a cup of willow herb tea morning and night.

– Action only after a few weeks (effect not immediate). Ask your pharmacist or doctor for a more personalized dose.

– According to Prof. Hostettmann, Professor of Phytotherapy at the Université de Pharmacie in Geneva, Switzerland.

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